Schaeffer Oil


Non-broadcast sales/marketing video
Production Company: Metro Productions
Director: Richie Ellison
Producer: Greg Collins
Casting Director: Anne Chapman
Casting Assistants: Tracia Austin, William Schultz
First Round: Via Self Tape
Call Back Date: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019
Call Back Location: Greater Richmond, Virginia
Shoot Date: 1Day(10 hour max.) Likely April 15th, 2019  
Shoot Location: Rural Farm within 60 mile radius of Richmond, Virginia
Compensation: $750(+10% if agent).  Meals provided on set. 5 year buyout.   
Conflicts: Engine oils and lubricants
Travel/Accommodation: Hotel/Gas/Per Diem expenses if needed
Haircut: Provided if needed
USAGE: Made for presentations by sales/marketing team and on Schaeffer Oil's website. 
Note: For shoot copy must be memorized, a teleprompter will not be used.



Caucasian Male, mid to late 40s. Neutral, Mid-Western accent. 5 0'clock shadow preferred, no beards. Our Farmer is a Man's man.  Rugged, tough, weathered and attractive.  Physically fit and strong, an outdoorsman who is believable as a farmer.  Copy delivered straight to camera.  

On the shoot day, approximately 3 minutes of copy must be memorized, there will be no teleprompter.    

Sides for audition will be significantly shorter.  

$750 (+10% if agent) 1 shoot day, likely April 15th, 2019

Submission Instructions 

Only if you are not able to submit through Breakdown Express or Actors Access, use the link near the bottom of this page to submit.

Follow the instructions carefully!!  If you do not complete all submission instructions, your submission likely will not be able to be considered.  

Preferred method of submitting by agent via Breakdown Express or via Actors Access  
If you have already submitted there, please do not submit again!!  


Again, please do not submit if you do not meet the physical standards. 
No visible piercings or tattoos.  

Auditions are by appointment only.  We very much appreciate your interest.  You will be contacted with an invitation to audition if selected.  Submitting does not guarantee an audition.  Thank you so much!  Anne Chapman Casting 

Thank you in advance for your submission!  Submitting does not guarantee an audition; you will be contacted with time and location if selected.