The Birder

Posted 5.1.2018

Anne Chapman Casting is seeking male (20-100 years old) voiceover auditions for Song of the Common Loon. Approximate length is less than one minute.



All submissions should be sent directly over email or through a file transfer service to SONGOFTHECOMMONLOON@GMAIL.COM






The overall feel of the film is dark and moody, so please lean reads more serious and determined than happy and excited. On the attached sample, there are the sounds that will be included in the production. Please only read for the voice and don't  produce the track with sound effects. Please only use "THE BIRDER SIDES" (below) for the reading as the sample voiceover is slightly different.



Richard is listening to a tape of bird songs when suddenly we hear the sounds of a determined birder that has frantically taped over the Bird Songs tape and is in hot on the trail of a Common Loon. As the man walks through the forest in pursuit, his attempts at getting a good recording of the Loon are foiled by a loud and frustrating orchestra of cicadas. Suddenly, something happens and the the recording quickly ends. This leaves Richard wondering what happened to the man.