Short Film

Production Company: IEG Films
Producers: B. Quinn Curry, Ayindè Howell and Jon Alston
Director: Jon Alston
Writer: Ayindè Howell
Casting Directors: Anne Chapman
Casting Associate: Michael Duni

Audition Dates: 6/13 and 6/14
Audition Location: Richmond, VA
Callback Date: TBD
Outside Shoot Dates: 6/29 to 7/7
Rate of Pay: $200/day (+10% if agent)
Shoot Location: Petersburg, VA


AUGUSTUS is a genre bending short film loosely based on Frederick “Augustus” Douglass’ life prior to becoming the great orator and abolitionist we know him as today.

True local actors to Virginia are a huge plus for this Low-Budget Short Film. Please state in notes if Virginia resident.

[ANNA] 30’s-40’s, female, African-American. Augustus’ wife, mother to two children. Born a free woman. What she lacks in book-smarts she more than makes up for in street smarts, intuition, and wisdom. (NOTE: This role kisses another character in one scene of the film, please do not submit if you are uncomfortable).

[WILLIAM GARRISON] 20’s-30’s, male, Caucasian. An ambitious, intellectual, enterprising early abolitionist who runs an underground newspaper “The Liberator”. He tries to recruit freed and runaway slaves, including Augustus, to his cause.

[ELIZABETH GARRISON] 20’s-30’s, female, Caucasian. Stout, cheerful, good council, sometimes comic relief. Wife of abolitionist William Garrison.

[NATHAN HOWE] 30’s, male, Caucasian. Good guy, country boy. Works in the abolitionist movement and is close friends with Garrison. Smart and cautious, but loves the thrill of finding and helping those who need it.

[MINISTER MORRIS/ZIMMERMAN] 40’s, male, Caucasian. Oversees a number of black and white laborers building his new church. He often reads the bible to them as they work. Exploits the newly freed black laborers. (NOTE: This role alludes to George Zimmerman. The incident and struggle will be included in the audition and callback process).

[HENRY WILSON] 20’s-30’s, male, African-American. Optimistic. Like Augustus he is a runaway slave. Works construction. Strong of body, weak of spirit- at least initially.

[ROSETTA] 13, female, African-American. Eldest daughter of Augustus and Anna. Quiet, observant, curious. Knows how to act around strangers and keep her younger siblings safe.

[LEWIS/TRAYVON] 12-17, male, African-American. Augustus and Anna’s son. Very intelligent like his father. Loves to read, but also can be aggressive and assertive. (NOTE: This role partially represents Trayvon Martin. The incident and struggle will be included in the audition and callback process).

[TOM/SAM FINCH] 20’s-30’s, male, Caucasian. White supremacist brothers active in the reverse underground railroad, selling runaways back to their masters or the highest bidder in the south.

[AUGUSTUS’ MOTHER] 20’s-40’s, female, African-American. Protective. Knows her son is bound for greatness and pushes him to seek freedom.

[YOUNG AUGUSTUS] 7-9, male, African-American. Smart, agile, faces the world head on.

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